4 months old baby

Question: hello four month baby ko cow ka milk De sakte hai or powder ka plz rpy

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Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Babies can't digest cow's milk as completely or easily as breast milk or formula. Cow's milk contains high concentrations of protein and minerals, which can tax your baby's immature kidneys. Cow's milk doesn't have the right amounts of iron, vitamin C, and other nutrients for infants. Cows milk has to be given only after 1 year, and only after diluting. You can give your little one powder/formula milk. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: Mera baby 5month 27days ka ho gya hai baby ko daal ka pani or cow milk de sakte hai
Answer: Hi. Main source of nutrition for the baby till 1year Is bm or fm Please don't give cows milk till one year as the baby's stomach doesn't bother have the capacity to digest it. . Why don't u start with family food. You can give khichidi, daliya. Baby will love the variety Start introducing finger food like boiled carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, boiled apple slices etc. Start giving the baby 3 meals and 2 snacks. Meals can include breakfast, lunch and dinner Give the baby dosa, idli, chilla, upma, chapati, etc. Make sure the peices are not too big. You can include rice, daal, vegetables fry. Please don't give purees, cerelac. Allow the baby to understand the texture and try to get a feel of the food. Best is to include the baby in what we eat. This way the baby gets to see you eat and will replicate the same.
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Question: One month ke baby ko cow milk de sakte hai?
Answer: A big no ..Please go for formula milk if lack of breast milk is there. Young infants cannot digest cow's milk as completely or easily as they digest formula. Also, cow's milk contains high concentrations of protein and minerals, which can stress a newborn's immature kidneys and cause severe illness at times of heat stress, fever, or diarrhea. In addition, cow's milk lacks the proper amounts of iron, vitamin C, and other nutrients that infants need. It may even cause iron-deficiency anemia in some babies, since cow's milk protein can irritate the lining of the stomach and intestine, leading to loss of blood into the stools. Cow's milk also does not contain the healthiest types of fat for growing babies. For these reasons, your baby should not receive any regular cow's milk for the first twelve months of life.
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Question: 9 months baby ko cow milk de sakte hai
Answer: Hi dear. No , cow milk is a big no before 1 year. It has some nutrients which are not possible for small tummy of baby to digest . Wait for few more months to start cow milk. If breast milk is not sufficient then you can go for some good formula milk. Formula milk is made as a substitute to breast milk and have all the nutrients which are necessary for bbay's growth
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