1 months old baby

Question: hello, for my son poop not coming properly it's coming like little bit and when he used to pooping he was keep on crying and his urine colour today is yellow and his body getting heat also what should I do now for this?

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Question: My son is 1.5 year old .he used to keep his hand on his front area penis . His urine color is also very dark yellow.
Answer: don't remove his underwear keep it wear.and keep his hands clean throughly and give him drink to water drinking of proper water cleans his body infections away and give him to buttermilk juices like liquids it's very useful to changing of urine color and if any symptom seen like legs pain,stomach pain darken eyes go to consult doctor immediately
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Question: Last 3days to till Varginal parts is so itching..always disturbing me..its like strawberry color..urine problem also..dark yellow urine little bit little bit coming.
Answer: Dont worry dr...it sounds like an urinary infection ..please do take a lot of water , tender coconut juice ...it helps a lot from dehydration..hope it helps ...
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Question: I am feeling body heat from few days and today felt little bit fever. Also feeling week...like no energy. Is it ok???
Answer: Hello! During pregnancy due to low immunity ,pregnant women easily get fever and cold and cough. Try to take rest and have s balanced diet and with plenty of water. Make sure you take turmeric milk every day before bed too. Take care
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