15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello for me 15weeks running.. since from yesterday am feeling heavy in my lower abdomen as I travelled 350km yesterday by train...why it so plz help me..

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Answer: lgatar kai hours tak baithe rahne se abdomen me heaviness si feel ho rahi hogi. take rest for sometime you will feel better.
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Question: hello...am feeling heavy on my lower abdomen.... and getting baby move in lower abdomen near my private place..why is it so plz help me
Answer: Hello Ye normal hai. Aap ka anxious hona bhi normal hai. The pain u experiencing is due to aap ke uterus. Jaise aap ka baby big hota hai vaise pressure on back abdomen aur vaginal muscle tho aap ko back pait vagina aur leg mai pain ho sakta hai. Aap soote wakth pillow back mai de aur cold ya hot press use kare. Warm shower bhi pain kam karne mai madad hogi gentle massages to help u feel relaxed with coconut or olive oil. Hope I helped
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Question: dear doctor now 15weeks running..since from yesterday am feeling heavy in my lower abdomen in within 4months already I HV done 3scanning as I was having some problem... but now also feeling like tat...means heavy Weight in my lower abdomen.. so plz help me
Answer: If u are having the same problem since 4 months it could just be due to gastritis as your previous scans were normal...so try relieving gas..avoid cabbages,potatoes and food that cause gas problems...check one lst time to see if everything is in position like the placenta and all..take care..and keep us updates
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Question: I'm not feeling baby kicks... Since I have travelled yesterday for 2hours by bus. Yesterday ... I'm worried plz help me
Answer: Hitelax have some juice or cold milk and lie down on tour left side you should be able to feel the movement.if it doesn't help you should consult your Dr
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Question: Why i am feeling heavy in lower abdomen during 20weeks
Answer: As the baby is growing we feel that weight is unevenly distributed. When we stand we feel like earth is pulling due to that we feel heavy in the lower abdomen. There is nothing to worry our body will be adjusting the weight as per the baby weight.
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