29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello experts, I'm now 28weeks pregnant and has complete placenta when scanning done during 5th month, what precautions to be taken till delivery FYI below, last week based on doctor's advice I have undergone for steroids injections of 2doses.

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Answer: any update on the above query pls..??
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Question: My wife is 24 weeks pregnant & she was having abdominal pain after which we went to see our doctor & she checked and said cervix has shortened and to take complete bed rest upto 28 week..My doubts are as follows...1) Any specific test can be done to confirm the same?....2) what precautions to be taken?...3) what is the significance of 28 weeks ?(My doctor was emphasising a lot on completing 28weeks)
Answer: Cervix can be checked throught sonography ultrasound. During delivery cervix dilated and opens up to start birth process. If cervix shortenes before it should, bed rest is adviced so there is not much pressure on cervix. Or there are chance of early delivery.
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