13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello Expert, Last week I have done my 1st trimester screening test. My report come as follows.. NT measures 1.7 mm. free beta hcg 47.40 ng/ml PAPPa 2.45 mIU/ml please suggest me everything is normal or not... guide me accordingly.

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Answer: PAPP-a values in first trimester < 0.79 mIU/ml - low level < 4.76 mIU/ml - normal level NT is in normal range.
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    Subhashree Behera985 days ago

    Thank you ma'am

Answer: hello dear..can u plz tell me what tests were included in ur 1st trimester screening ?
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    Subhashree Behera986 days ago

    NT scan & Double marker blood test

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Answer: Hello dear these are PAPP -A and beta hcg value h and it seems normal but also consult with your gyne.
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Question: In double test report at 12 weeks 3 days, the B HCG is 22.7 ng/ ml and PAPPA-A is 1.7 mIU/ml Should i be worried. ???
Answer: What is the trisomy 21 and report.. is it positive or negative?
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Question: I got my first trimester triple screening test for Down S. Free Beta hcg - 18.6 ng/ml PAPP - A - 6.76 Miu/ml What is the meaning? Is it normal
Answer: refer ir report range is mentioned there
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