2 years old baby

Question: Hello evrybdy my son has just turned 1 year. his weight is 9.2kg. What should I make for him to eat, should I make his food seperately?

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Answer: According to WHO a baby must triple its birth weight by 1 year.. after 1 year the weight gain ll b minimal only... here are few things that I would recommend for weight gain in babies ... try giving them kerala banana ( nendhiram) fruit either hands mashed or slices toasted in ghee , mixed millet powder( sathu maavu we called it), ragi foods, curd with fats , dhal with ghee, urad dhal items like porridge, idli, dosa... brown rice, wheat halwas , sweet potato, chicco fruits, eggs , etc...
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    Indu Priya35 days ago

    Also u can give nuts laddoo made of dates, badam, cashew, pista after checking for allergies.. or dry roast nuts make a powder nd use a tsp of it on any food items u make...

Answer: No dear! you don't need to cook and feed something separately to your 1 year old. Whatever you make for yourself in the house, also feed him the same. Just keep in mind that the different varieties of things should be included in the food. 1 year old child needs 1000 calories daily
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    Rashi Ankit40 days ago

    At the age of 1 year, the weight of ur baby is fine... Just make sure dat whatever you prefer to eat give the same to the baby

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    pavithra35 days ago

    Whatever food r u cooking in home that food u will give to ur baby

Answer: Hiii dear .. don't worry about your baby's weight if he is active then it is completely fine..even my daughter is of 15months n she is 9.1 kg in weight ...
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    Namrata Bhatia36 days ago

    Yes.. weight is just a number ..if ur baby is active....then d wt is grt.. my baby is 15 months ..his wt is 9 kg.

Answer: My baby girl is 13 months old, my baby weight is 8.400kg, Baby is slim . How to weight gain, which food prefer for my baby
Answer: Yes separate food for baby and keep yummy food and vegetables, fruits
Answer: Give what you cook. Don't hesitate in that but most avoid outside food
Answer: Hello mam can I give dry fruits to my 1 year old baby?nd how I give?
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    baswarajeshwari patil36 days ago

    Make powder of dry fruits n add it in apple porridge or ragi porridge or u can gv thm directly the powdered dry fruits...as snacks..

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    Reni Deepak30 days ago

    Yes, you can give. Soaked dry fruits or make it into powder and mix it with milk as a health drink

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    Kiran Singh Rana29 days ago

    Yes you can. But first chew it with ur front teeth then give to baby

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    mohini khanna28 days ago

    Make dry fruit powder and add to his porridges

Answer: Yeah sure u have to make food. Like powder of ila hi mix in ur foof
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    Reni Deepak30 days ago

    There is no need of anything special, give ua baby the foods that he/she likes. As long as your baby is active with his/her daily activities and playing. There is no need to worry about weight gain.

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