33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello everyone,I am suffering from 8month pregnancy ......my husband and mother in-law is covid positive .....I have no symptoms but still am so worried about my baby......

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Answer: Isolate them in separate rooms ..hve them proper med as prescribed... protein diet also.. separate plates fr them. If no one isdere to work ..not to wrry ..use mask whole giving them food frm outside... U also take citrus fruits n drink lots of water n takexsteam 2 tyms...zinc iron must b eating in ur pregnancy. Nt to wrry...same happened to mh sis...be everyobevis ok .she is also ok
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Question: Hello everyone....my 8th month is going .... before 5days I am covid positive ....my taste and smell gone due to covid I have no other problems regarding Corona....but my husband and mother in-law both are also positive ....so plz tell me can I have a reinfection of covid....plzz tell me ....muze firse Corona Hoga kya....
Answer: Hi,waise aapko hona to nahi chahiye fir bhi dr.se consult kar le aur baby ki moments par dhayan rakhe.
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Question: is there any side effects of contraceptive pills...? my baby boy is 10 months old.. my husband wants another child.. i am not ready for another child.. because i am suffering mentally and physically. i am in depression because of mother in law and husband.. hubby is so cruel..neither he is supportive norcooperative... no care of first child even he was so ill.. i am alone doing all house work.. no new clothes of first child.. wearing 10 yrs old clothes of my brother in law... plzz guid me. is there any method of preventing pregnancy.. i am not ready.. also my husband became unaware about it.. plz guid me
Answer: Contraceptive pill are good, but you have to take it without any miss... And in busy schedule we can somehow miss... Better you can opt for copper t... Is is good contraceptive method, and once it is inserted, your are free for 3-5 years.... And once you want pregnancy, you can go and remove it..
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Question: My husband tested positive in covid 19 today.Tmrw I will test.If I will also test positive will it affect my baby.I am 17 week pregnt right now.I am not suffering from fever but runny nose is going on.
Answer: Let's all pray that you test negative... If in case you test positive also no problem.... Ur gynac will tell you what has to be done.... There are pregnancy approved drugs to treat the symptoms. Don't worry nothing will happen to your baby. God bless you
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