15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello everyone..what is mean by dichorionic twins, is they have same gender like both baby girls or baby boys

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Question: Mam i am having twins in seperate sac will they both look like same or diferent
Answer: Have you doctor told you anything about whether there are two placenta or there is 1 Placenta if there are 2 Placenta then you are twins will not be identical or same looking but if you have one Placenta and two water sac then your baby will be identical
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Question: Means placenta is same for twins gender are same or not means they are see same or not
Answer: Hi dear, You still cannot predict the gender of the twins here.maximum cases the twins are identical.but the gender could be male-male,male-female,female-female.
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Question: Dichorionic diamniotic twin means they both are same or different mam
Answer: Can be same gender as well as can have different sex(one male and one female) only monochorionic twins have same gender
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