6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello everyone.. Today I went for my first ultra sound n doctor found gestational sack bt cnt find fetal bcs it's too early so I hv to repeat ultra sound after 20 days... N my gestational sack size is 0.592,is this normal size??

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Answer: Things are absolutely fone dear..yes at times if the conception was late in that cycle could have delay in growth through scan..even I had this issue..so please dnt worry wait for 20 days ..all the best..
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    Pavani Shrestha354 days ago

    Thank you so much sis for ur concern

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Question: As per sonography, I'm six weeks 3days pregnant, today I went for my first scan, where oly G sac is seen. No yolk is seen or no Fetal Pole, they asked me to come after 1 o 2 weeks, is this normal, I'm scared alot.
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