11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello everyone. Today I got some blisters on my face as I applied Bleech on my face yesterday. I think that doesn't suit me. Now I got soframycin but Googled it before use and it shows its not safe to be used during pregnancy. Suggest me some home remedy or something to soothen my face.

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Answer: Hi, apply aloe Vera gel. It is very good. Also you can apply fresh rose water on the face. It helps. Lastly apply sandal wood powder on the affected area and keep it overnight.
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Question: My baby has some sort of rash or acne on his face pls give some home remedy to reduce it
Answer: Hi dear, These are neonatal acne .usually happens to neo borns.no need to get scared.due to their sensitive skin,such acne happens to most of the newborns.for few days avoid any oil massage now.and use mild baby products only.avoid creams , lotions,oil,talcom powder etc.donot use any ointment on the rashes.these rashes would disappear on its own in a week or two.....
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Question: I have pcod and have facial growth on face like chin pls suggest me some home remedy to remove it
Answer: You can go for chocolate wax.It is less painful than threading.After a few sittings,the growth will slow down
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Question: 3 days before i did home pregnancy test and it shows positive but from yesterday some brown spot shows on my panty and when again today i did home pregnancy test it shows negative, don't know what is happening
Answer: A blood test for pregnancy will give you the confirm results.
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