Planning for pregnancy

Question: Hello everyone ...pls it safe to take covid vaccine during planning for pregnancy??? I was undergone abortion 6 month before... Pls reply ...

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Question: Hi, I am planning for pregnancy is it safe to take covid vaccine? And if so Should there be a gap in planning after vaccination. Thanks in advance
Answer: If you are planning for Covid vaccine that you should take at least 1 to 2 months gap for pregnancy .at the time your immunity will be more boost up:
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Question: Is it safe to take covid vaccine in pregnancy?
Answer: Hi, there is currently no preference for the use of particular covid vaccine.but pregnant woken who agree to be vaccinated should be advised to 2 dose with same vaccine product.better not to take any other vaccine along with covid vaccine.TDAP and influenza vaccine which are routinely and safely offered during pregnancy should be differed for 14 days from the administriation of covid-19.take care
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Question: Is it safe for lactating mothers to take covid vaccine?
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood dear covid vacination s not safe 4 pregnant as well as breast feeding moms .. so avoid going for vacination untill u r feeding to baby .its not safe 4 u .take care.
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