18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello everyone one please suggest me what can I do, I am in 4th month and during this winter time I am suffering from cold cough daily at night... breathing problem due to cold also is there. What should I do? I wear warm cloth, use blanket in night also but no result still

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Answer: Hey dear Mix 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with some water or black tea, and have it two to three times a day.take 8 to 10glass water daily ,honey +ginger juuce gives u relief,gargle wit salt water ,ginger tea s also effective. Nd take steam twice a day too Try it nd if u dont feel relief consult to ur dr nd take medicine as ur dr suggest u
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Question: I am going to end my 38 weeks today. I have no sign of labour. What should I do? Is there anything to worry about?
Answer: Dear ,waiting for labor pain to start naturally needs lot of patience..please keep yourself active and daily do 15 minutes of brisk walk..some people do take home remedies like consuming castor oil with warm water..some try having intercourse while some stimulate nipples to induce labor..for me labor was not easy too..my water broke and it was induced with tablet..for you there is still time ,keep walking dear..some ladies can wait 2 weeks post due date to..depending on your situation doctor would allow you to wait till then.I wish you all the best..have safe delivery..
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Question: It's cold here Andy son is doing potty for 6 to 7 times. Earlier he was doing potty in 3,4 days gap. What should I do. I am applying garlic cooked mustard oil for massage. Anything else I can do?
Answer: Visit pediatrician. It might be stomach infection. Babies put hands in mouth. They put anything in mouth..... My doctor gave my baby Entroflora medicine for six days and WHO ORS has to be given every three hours to avoid dehydration. Feed breastmilk regularly
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Question: My child is 1 month 20 days old but still doesnot sleep at night ,,what should I do
Answer: you will have to make you baby habitual of same pattern on daily basis before going to bed start from dimming the lights and massaging your baby and changing your baby into the night dress like this your baby will get habitual after sometime
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