7 months old baby

Question: Hello everyone..my baby is 6.5 month old bus she is not rolling yet please advise which month of age baby is perfectly rolling

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Answer: Hi,dont worrie everybaby is diff from other babies so no age .and all..with in 15 month ur baby will doing everything so dont worrie its not a big prb
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Question: My baby is 3 month old but she is not rolling yet.
Answer: Every baby is different from a other. Some babies start rolling (read as one side to other from 2-3month) and few a little later. It depends on baby's neck n back muscles development. Few consider flipping from one side to other as part of rolling n few as when baby turns totally on tummy. Rolling on sides is first sign. When they get comfortable they themselves will flip on tummy and that will be again a start of thm to move towards head or to toes (backwards). It is a milestone for baby and all depends on how active baby is. So, relax and enjoy this phase and the coming ones too. Gud luck
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Question: My baby is not rolling..she is 4 month old
Answer: Don't worry.. rolling is not dependent on age but on babies.. Ur baby is just 4 months old now. Ur baby needs ur company and training. Train her how to roll slowly. U have to train Ur baby at different stages of baby development.
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Question: At what age do babies roll over?? My baby is 5months old but he has not yet started rolling???
Answer: hi after 4 to 5 months baby beach Trance rolling over do not worry if baby is different and achievements was the different stages however you can increase your baby to do so that will help and motivate the baby and slowly the baby will start rolling on its own so do not worry it is normal
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