21 months old baby

Question: Hello everyone....my baby boy 20 months ..how to give potty training....?plz suggest

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Answer: Hello now u should start the potty training .Try these methods Take it slow. Try to be patient when training your baby while he tries to inculcate this new habit. It takes time to form a habit. Maintain the time   Begin with every 10 minutes trip to the toilet.  As baby comes in terms with the habit increase the time slowly to 20 mins and then more.  Code words in public  Have your own mommy-baby code words or some signals that are not embarrassing in the public to know when your baby wants to poo.  Encourage your baby Every time your baby follows the pooping and  peeing rules you have to load him with love and appreciation.  Be a superhero Relate the practice of going to the toilet as  a superhero habit of your baby’s favourite cartoon character and he will follow the lead.  Get the right potty Sometimes baby might not like to sit on the adult pots so you can switch to pots specially designed for toddlers.
Answer: Hi! Remember that u don't give up, u wud end up having an easier life with a potty trained child. Take him to the washroom every two hours. Whether he does or not. Don't give up on that. If he pees in the training pants, let him know that it's wrong and that he is a big boy now. Whenever u use the washroom, inform him the reason you going, coz he needs to know that peeing is normal. There might me many times that u wud have to end up mopping the floor, but that's a part of this. Hope this helps!
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Question: How and when to give potty training to my baby
Answer: Hie the best age would be 20 months around of course you can start now as well but it would take much time and patience while when he is 20 months old they are in their better senses and respond well your would still need to b patient but u shall get result fast like a week he will start responding and by the end of month voila Rather than a pot opt for an baby extension seat which can be kept on the normal toilet to fit in their bum It is less messy, convenient to carry and hygenic as well In the initial stage establish the fact that doing poo in the diaper or garment is yuck toilet in better Every day post breakfast or if there is a already established tym to do poop make him sit in the toilet don't be disappointed it takes 5-6 days to establish be patient and like encourage him everytym he does pee or poop like claps and good boy stuff so that he gets it my parents feel happy when I do things by day 15 u have almost won the battle but an accident here and there might happen by a month it's voila There is nothing like it In the toilet training period go off diaper use it if it's extremely necessary I know it can be troublesome But trust me a month and u r happy to go Good luck
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Question: How to give potty training to baby?
Answer: Hie You can start from 1.5 years of age as it would be  more convenient for you as well as the baby and would take comparatively less time You may start with pee training though take your baby to pee after every half an hour by a day or two you would know his time gaps Slowly take him accordingly be consistent for a week or two keep him off diaper during this time Use a dry sheet below your bedsheets to avoid bed wetting I started with my baby when he was 9 took 14-15 days and then he use to say pee when he had to pee When ever you take him say the key word pee so he gets it For potty training started at 1.3 took 1 and a half months but then he use to say poo poo for same And finally around 1.6 diaper free
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Question: How to give potty training
Answer: Hello dear. Most of the children won't be ready to start potty training until they are between 18 months and three years old. Most parents start the training when their children are between two years and three years old. Few of the tips are as follows: Let the baby watch and learn. Buy the right equipment Help your child to get comfortable with the potty. Teach the baby to sit and then stand. Hope this information was helpful.
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