3 years old baby

Question: Hello everyone. I want suggestions about my second baby....i have three years old baby ...should i plan for second baby or single baby is sufficient....having two kid are good or single kid is enough...i m so confused so please suggest me what is best..

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Answer: Hii dear see dis is a complete personal decision. U shouldn't rely o. Anyone else point of view as all of the parents plan their baby by looking forward to their emotional aspect, financial aspect, family need and understanding . Every body situation will be different. This decision has to come from u n ur husband. In my case I m ok with one son as I have to join back my job and I have noone to look after my another baby. Even related to financial expect we prefer giving best to my single child. Even my on laws n family is ok with it. So similarly u need to check ur situation. All the best.
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    Priti Dubey1164 days ago

    Thank u

Answer: It's completely your decision. Coz you better know your situation .Talk to your husband regarding this and after discuss all aspects take decision mutually but in my opinion I also think 2 kids are good coz they can enjoy play and share together they don't need anyone else and it improves their behaviour also.
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    Priti Dubey1164 days ago


Answer: Hello, Having two kids are better but handling two kids is not an easy task you to prepare For this, and if want second baby wait let your first baby be five years, for your convenience, age gap is necessary between children's. I am also having two kids I have taken five years gap it is easier for me
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    Shruthi Kotian1165 days ago

    Ha its..good..now am.have 4 yr old baby..can.i get 2nd chance..bt pblm now am sugar patient...

Answer: Hi dear, I would say having 2nd baby is a better choice provided both you and ur partner are equally interested to have it. Also, since the 1st one is already 3 this is the right time to plan. Both the kids will grow together, the 1st one gets more responsible n caring.
Answer: Everyone has a different opinion of having one child or two. It also depends on ur financial n also ur priorities as husband and wife.
Answer: Second baby... yes of course u should plan ..
Answer: No
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