Few days old baby

Question: Hello everyone ....i need hlp .my baby is just 4 days old .. yesterday was discharged from hospital. I m not able to feed my baby as few drops of milk is secreting only which is not sufficient for her and he also is not sucking ..so now what to do to feed her . Right now m giving cow's milk but due to that she is doing very hard potty like goat ..plz hlp me

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Answer: Give her cow milk (without fats) and urs too. If baby not sucking then, can use ur fingers but you should give her ur bm.
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Question: I don't hv sufficient milk for my baby...now m giving cow's milk.. is it effect on baby health?
Answer: Hi dear, you should not give cow milk to your baby before 1 year. # cow milk does not contain all nutrients which your baby require#baby's digestive system is not fully developed so it is hard for baby to digest cow milk # it can make your baby iron deficient If your breast milk is not sufficient you can give formula milk to your new born after consulting with doctor.
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Question: Can i give cow's milk to my baby ? I am giving breastfeed too but it s not sufficient. I am giving formula now . Will my baby get sufficient nutrients if mother's n cow's milk is given instead of formula
Answer: Cows milk is difficult to digest,, better to breast feed and improve mothers diet,, oats,, green gram,, muringa leaves,, spinach etc ill help increase breast milk,, more breast feeded more milk will produce,,
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Question: My son is puking out milk with almost every burp do i need to consult dr. I m giving him cow's milk with mother feed
Answer: Hi Please don't give cows milk to the baby till one year Babies stomach doesn't have the capacity to digest anything other than breastmilk till 6 months. Please opt for formula milk Instead
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Question: I have 3 days baby she is not sucking milk how can I feed her now please reply fast my breast is getting hard
Answer: hi dear usually all new born babies don't know to latch we should train them it will take at least one or two days but don't worry she will learn soon. Feed your baby keeping your fingers like V shaped this helps the baby to suck the nipple. keep your index finger and thumb finger like a v shape and hold your nipple with that this makes a baby to get that nipple easy
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