1 months old baby

Question: Hello everyone, i m little bit worried my baby is having red pimples all over his face whether its normal or some kind of allergies?

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Answer: Dear as your baby is just few days and if you are using any oil for massage then this can be because it so avoid massage for few days. Dont apply anything on baby's face till it get well. These pimples will be fine on its own dont worry...
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    pooja santosh968 days ago

    Hai dear dont worry with my 1st kid i too faced same problem few days apply nivea soft vitamin E mosituriser then see the miracle face will become clean and neat

Answer: Hai dear don't worry I too faced same problem with my 1 St kid apply Nivea soft vitamin E moisturizer and see miracle surely ur baby s red pimples will be cleared
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Question: My baby is 26 days old. He is having pimples or prickles like red dots all over his neck and face. What to do???
Answer: Erythema toxicum is another common skin condition that may appear as a rash, tiny bumps, or red blotches. It can be seen on your baby's face, neck, chest, or limbs in the first few days after they're born. It's harmless, and it usually disappears in less than a week after birth. Wash your baby skin with warm water,avoid harsh products,do squeeze,don't scrub,don't rub or massage on them
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Question: My baby is one month old and having small small pimples kind of rashes all over the face..kindly suggest
Answer: It is normal in infants. Avoid oil application. If u feel any difficult to the baby try calamine lotion. Pls mark help ful if u got my answer use ful
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Question: Why my baby is having red small pimples on all over face?
Answer: Don't worry they r normal... U don't need Anything... They will go on their own
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