3 years old baby

Question: Hello everyone, I have 2.4 old baby girl and she is not taking food well. Hence her weight is only 9.4. Suggest any food with nutrition to grow weight.

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Answer: Dear I answered you a while ago you should give your baby high protein diet that is dal chana rajma lobia paneer soya non veg. you can also give your baby some protein supplements and ghee that will help to improve weight
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    Manu MM504 days ago

    Noted. Thanks

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Question: Hi my little girl 9months old she is not taking solid food at all....her weight is 7kgs only..
Answer: Hello dear. You have to keep trying with babies when it comes to semi solids. Here are few tricks that we tried with my daughter when she was REALLY little and ate hardly anything: Offer soft foods cut up in small pieces. He might be more inclined to actually put a soft bite of banana in his mouth than a crunchy cracker. Bananas, cooked peas and carrots, avocado, plain cooked macaroni, etc. And cut them smaller than you think necessary. Sometimes it helped to give my daughter a spoon and let her try to feed herself. She was more likely to keep it in her mouth, chew, and swallow it. Offer the new food first when he's really, truly hungry. Maybe while you're prepping breakfast, sit him in his high chair and give him a few bites of the banana to look at/play with/attempt to eat while you chop up the rest of the banana to go in his breakfast. Remain Calm. If you are anxious at mealtimes, he absolutely will pick up on that. With our daughter we knew she couldeat other things, she just didn't want to eat some of them. She's almost 4 now and her diet isn't amazing, but it varies more now than it did even 6 months ago, and every few months we're able to add a few more foods and textures to her diet. If you aren't seeing some kind of improvement over the next few months then you should definitely see doctor to determine if he needs to be assessed for any developmental issues. Hope this helps.
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Question: Hello...my baby girl is ten months now...she is not having milk properly and food aswell.so planning to start with nutrition food on regular.kindly suggest
Answer: hello dear first of all if baby is active then no need to worry . all babies do drama to eat food. but you have to prepare yourself for everything. some points that we need to keep in mind --- 1 it is a big task have patience. 2 cut down milk baby's milk intake because it can not fulfill all need what body wants. 3 try new food always and try to present food in new way like your baby's favourite cartoon or some funny face or in smilies. 4  at this stage baby needs 4 to 5 meals ( fruits, milk and snacks included). 5 always give well cooked food and fresh food .  6 if your baby is fussy eater then take help of rhymes, music and busy him or her in some activity and make him or her feed.  food items ---- eggs, potato, sweet potato, ghee, boiled potato these foods are contain high calories and help to increase weight. except them you can give everything which you cook in your kitchen. 
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Question: My baby girl is 9 months old. She likes to have liquid food only. Please suggest and advice if any!!
Answer: Give her kechri daal pani 9 month baby khanai mai bahut nakra karigi but aapko khelana jesai v kechri daal raat Ko bego jo then morning 1 potato dekai aachesai gela gela Jada Mota nahi honi chaye aalu aachesai mix karkai Dena Hai pure gee v de sakti Hai aap thora sa
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