30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello Everyone How much time should we wait if you don't feel baby movement in 7 month??

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Answer: Hi there is no set number of times that you should feel your baby moves till 32weeks.after that at least 10 movements should be there in a day.so do not worry if you are not feeling much movements yet.take care
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Question: What diet should be given for 7 months old baby and how much we can give in each meal
Answer: You can give fruits smashed. Boiled vegetables. Give everything in limited quantity. You can also introduce small quantity of water. Rice with gee and pepper can be given . Roasted and Powdered cereals paste with gee can be given. Banana also. But don't the elders quantity. Each child is different. If something is not suiting you have to eliminate that. Happy parenting.
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Question: Hello! everyone,,, I'm now 25 weeks pregnant mother , how much should my baby weight?
Answer: @25 weeks babies height should be13.62 inches nd weight should be 660 grams.. ask ur dr abht ur babies growth nd weight too take care happy pregnancy
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Question: In how much time after we having sex after delivery??
Answer: Dear you can have sex after 2-3 month of delivery. Till that time your bleeding will be stopped . You should use protection while having sex .
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