7 months old baby

Question: Hello everyone Can you guys tell me how much drop or quantity of vitamin D & multivitamin medicine I can give to my baby. He is now 6 month 20 day baby. Please help me guys.

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Answer: Hi dear you can give 5-6 drops of each
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Question: For how many months to give Vitamin, Multivitamin and calcium medicine to new born baby and how much quantity. Liquid medicine Kidicare Ultra d3 Calcimax
Answer: Till three months and 6 drops. I am giving Bevon and Vitanova D3.
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Question: What is the use of vitamin D3 how much drops can give my 51 day old baby please tell me
Answer: Hi dear, Vitamin D is very necessary for newborns developing bones. Breast milk is although sufficient for the baby but the amount of vitamin D present in breast milk is low and cannot match up to the baby's requirement, therefore to prevent the deficiency of vitamin D and softening or malformation of bones Vitamin d is prescribed.
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Question: Hi..can you pls suggest how much quantity of food I can give my 8 months baby. Now how much quantity of breast milk they need tell me in terms of ml.
Answer: Hi, quantity of food depends on the amount of food the baby takes. Ideally they take a small bowl. But if the baby takes few spoons and then denies, please do not force feed. And give only the amount which baby needs.
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Question: how much quantity can give to baby in whole day?
Answer: Hi dear, you can give liquid or food frequently to bbay but in small proportion. Dont give one full meal rather give small frequent meal to baby for easy digestion ..
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