14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello everyone.. can someone plz help me out.. i am feeling vaginal sensation similar to one feel while wishing to have sex. What's wrong there & how to get rid of this. All are things are normal during my pregnancy.

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Answer: At this time due to hormones feeling to have sex will be high. It is very normal.
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Question: Hi. I am 4 weeks 4 day pregnant. Since i have pregnancy i don't like anything to eat. All the time i have feeling like vomitting. Though yet it has not done even once but i feel same over all day. What can i do to get rid of this.
Answer: It is common dear.drink pudina dicocaution with lemon...eat sounf, drink more water.drink chanch( butter milk),nimbu pani..smell lemon..it is common till 3 months
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Question: There are several boil outside my vagina and on my buttock how to get rid of this.kya yeh urine infection ki wajah se ho rha please help me
Answer: I too suffered while am pregnant....apply turmeric paste on that area....don't break it....if it spreads it cause more boils
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Question: i am having a swelling on upper part of my belly, that is a bit below breast. i am getting itchy and burning sensation there. its a small patch, where my skin dosen't have much sensation because of the burning itchy feeling. It happened the same day i took tetanus vaccine. what should i do? please help
Answer: U need to visit your doctor first, they will answer you well
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