34 weeks pregnant mother

Hello dr....i m 8 month pregnant ..in my thigh back side i have a blue veins swallon spot..is it vericose vain problem ...is this dangerous?i have a appointment on 19 dec with my gyne ...should i go to inform my gyne?

Yes if the vein is swollen, it could be varicose veins..you should inform your gynecologist too. Avoid standing in one place for long periods of time.also you can use elastic stockings for varicose veins available in pharmacy...you can go for walk, it'll help in blood circulation. When you lie down, place legs at higher position than body..you can put 2 pillows, one above the other, below your knees. Even when you sit, place feet on a stool. You can do ankle rotations (10-12 rotations) 4-5 times a day to stimulate blood circulation. As your baby grows more in the next few weeks, the swelling may increase..so please take all these precautions
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    Deepika Deepika46 days ago

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