32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello dr.8th month main pain feel hoti hai kya around the vagina?

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Question: I am 14th week pregnant. in last of 1st trimester I have pain in my vagina around bones. I feel very tired and not walk properly from pain..
Answer: Hi dear, vaginal pain is normal.the extra weight of pregnancy often becomes more noticeable in the 2nd trimester.as pregnancy progresses, the uterus puts more and more pressure in the lower body, leads to pelvic floor weakness, this pressure can cause a feeling of fullness in the vagina or generalised pain and pressure in the pelvis and hips.so not to worry.stay active and take proper rest.if it is severe you can take paracetamol tablet.take care
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Question: 8th month main jalan hoti hai kya food pipe main .....?
Answer: Yes bohot hoti hai...curd n buttermilk... cucumber..zeera water liyo bich bich mai apko jo acha laga options hai...
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Question: Hello dr Ek chiz btayeye internally cheakup kb hota hai pregnancy main ? 8th mnth main ya 9th main ?
Answer: Hi dear, internal examination is performed at 36 or after to track cervix status, baby position and the way is enough to come out baby easily, and any abnormalities in the cervix, to rule out any signs of infections.take care and all the best
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