2 years old baby

Question: Hello DR! There is a lot of pain in my back and also some white fluid is discharging. Tell me what do I do? I am very worried.

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Answer: Hello dear! Pain in the back is very common, but if you are being discharged a lot then you may have urinary tract infection (uti). Drink at least 4 liters of water daily and use hot water bag on the back lightly.
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    poonam aggarwal211 days ago

    No problem it is very common in pragnancy

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    PEBA WORLD50 days ago

    Plz consult ur doctor... and chk ur cervix

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    Vandana Gambhir34 days ago

    Nothing to worry dear it is common. My doctor recommended me clingen forte for white discharge... It has to take in vagina at night it is 7 days course don't miss in between I hope it will gives u gud results

Answer: Hello dear. Back pain is very common during all trimestr and white discharge may due to weakness. So no need to worry because I also have same problems.
Answer: Hello doctor..my left leg has extreme pain and sometimes I feel numbness...it is prominent at night.why is so??
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    Jiya manik40 days ago

    It's same my problem please tell us why

Answer: Helllo ... I have pain in my lower portion sometime... At penty line and also ... Down area why so...
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    Nancy Purba126 days ago

    Same problem

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