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Question: Hello Dr plz suggest me the natural iron supplements in fruits or veggies as I don't feel like taking iron tablet i feel uneasy after taking it

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Answer: Hi,you can try having.promegranate Have raisins Have any and green veges.
Answer: Pomegranate, drum stick leaves, spinach ,beatroot , dates ,
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Question: Am taking iron tablet as supplements and i can see my poop to be black in color is it normal ?
Answer: Dear black poop is normal during pregnancy because of iron tablet. otherwise also when you eat anything that is rich in iron can cause black or greenish poop so dont worry just drink lots and lots of water with your diet ....
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Question: Hello mam medicine like calcium and iron is very hard for me, after taking the medicine I feel like vomiting plz suggest
Answer: Hi! Follow below routine everyday. It does happen in first trimester and some moms face it in 2 nd trimester as well. 1 Don't skip breakfast. Eat bland toast if that's all you can keep down. 2 Eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of large meals. 3 Don't go more than 3 to 4 hours without a snack. 4 Drink plenty of water of herbal tea safe for pregnant women. 5 Take your prenatal vitamins at night or with a snack rather than in the morning 6 have ginger tea in the morning. 7 take a warm glass of water with 2spoon each added with honey and apple cider vinegar . 8 stay active. All the best.
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Question: Please suggest me the best tablet name for calcium and iron supplements..am in 12 weeks,
Answer: Hi Dear! Iron, calcium and vitamin is extremely important in pregnancy but the dosage and names will be prescribed by your Dr , hence pls talk to ur Dr. and start having them.. Hope this helps!
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