5 months old baby

Question: Hello dr .. Pls,sugg me, My baby is 4.5 months old..his head has become taller in shape. He has become a habit of sleeping in a sideways both left or right .I also put a pillow of Saraso seeds ,But he can not sleep in it. what should I do?

Answer: U will give him oil massage before taking bath right at that gentle press and shape u should do this before 6th month
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    Suruchi j117 days ago

    Thanks Priya

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Question: I'm having sleeping problems also I can't sleep a sec I feel pain in my both side of stomach either sleeping by my left or right
Answer: Hi Dear! I hv had the same problem, i used half lie through out the night as i used to feel the baby movements a lot, i used to lie on my back that too in half half position, u also hv to try the same to get some sleep.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello, I have two and half month baby boy. He has a habit of sleeping by keeping his head right side only. Because of that his one side looks flat. And his backside of the head has little bump. Is it normal?Relatives tell me to press his head gently to keep it in shape. Should I do that? What should I do to make his head's shape normal?
Answer: You do one thing hang the saree like swing then try to sleep him on that then his head should get correct shape in our place we call it jolage, so just u try it result is good
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Question: My baby boy head has more flatten than his right side... We always try to make his head on the right side while he's slepping but he always turn his head to left side...this make his head unproper shape.. As he's turning 3month old in next week.. Can i make his head in a better shape again?
Answer: Yes you can make it round. Keep a cloth round to his head. Or stitch a pillow which is fluffy from 3 sides and deep from one side. Hope this may helpful
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