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Question: hello Dr ne only folinol and ek progesterone Diya hai.koi iron ya calcium Nahi this ok? main 15 weeks pregnant hoon.

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Answer: Don't worry he will recommend after your next scheduled checkup.
Answer: iron calcium to jaruri hota hain after 3 months sabko dete hain
Answer: Its ok next few weeks doctor apko iron &calcium ki tab degi
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Question: meri doctor ne abhi tak iron and calcium supplements khane ko nh diya bs folic acid leti hu or progesterone tablets....maine puchha to unhone bola after 3 month u have to take calcium and iron supplements it ok
Answer: Yes it's right. Calcium supplement can be started @ 500 mg after 3 months and at 1000 mg per day after 4 months. Continue to have plenty of milk and curd anyway. Iron supplement can be started after 20 weeks (earlier if you are anaemic). Continue to have lean grilled chicken, fish and green leafy vegetables to get iron from diet as well. And yes, take iron and calcium at different times in the day. Don't have iron when you have just had milk or curd. It will not get properly absorbed.
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Question: Hello...main calcium and iron ki medicine nahi khaa skti bcz vomit aa rahia ne..iska koi nuksan to nahi mere baby ko
Answer: Hi, dear calcium and iron medicines are very important supplement required during pregnancy. If tablets are not suiting you then you can take its substitute. Even I couldn't tolerate iron medicines but I was told you have to take it. You can ask for its substitute and try those as they are very essential in this period.
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Question: I am 15 weeks pregnant .. I'm taking only calcium and iron tablets no folic acid doc prescribed folic acid till 12 weeks only. Is it ok to take only calcium and iron tablets now ???
Answer: hello dear you can have Folic acid in the first trisemester and that is the first 3 months and after that from second trisrmester you have to have calcium and iron tablets till delivery.
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