8 months old baby

Question: Hello Dr !! My name is Sharon. I have a baby boy who is 8 months 4 days today ; he is good and all ok but one thing about him is really making me worried is that is head shape is not round but big from one side and flat from the other side. My doctor told me there is no need to worry it will get round by it's own. So please suggest me things that will help my baby boy to have a round head .

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Answer: Hi dear, I think it's due on the pillow you use for him .flat shape head gets common for babies as their skull is still soft .for my baby I used mustard seed stuffed pillow.it is in out custom to make baby sleep in such pillow.it helps to retain the round shape of head.try using it.it would help in his head shape.
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Question: My baby head is not of round shape. It is flat at one side. Is it ok.
Answer: Hie It is due to prolonged sleeping on that side of head It is best to avoid putting your baby to sleeps on either side for long interval of time to avoid flat head You can use mustard seeds or rice pillow to keep the babies head straight and keep turning it on with time in interval and with passing time your baby would have a perfect round head It may take 4-5 months
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Question: My baby is 3 months old, he's having flat head one side and that head moved to other side. How to get back his head in round shape, Thanks
Answer: Hi! It seems that the head is flattened but it will be OK after few months. You can make the baby sleep on mustard pillow, to make the head round. It becomes alright once the baby start rotating their heads on their own, so dont worry it will be alright. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi my 6 month baby boy have flat head. Whether it's possible to make round shape head? Pls suggest
Answer: Mam BBY ka head kisi round cap ta hanky se cover kijiye round kerke then uske sir ke niche u shape vala pillow lagaye Taki uska sir usmain fit ho ya sarso ke dano ka pillow banaiye uske sir ke niche rakhiyee vo help Kare ga shape deneain
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Question: My baby is 4 months old she has flat head from back side.. What can I do for round shape
Answer: Hello dear It occurs when a baby's head develops a flat spot due to pressure on that area. Baby's skull is soft when they are born. So when baby is sleeping only in one side then it leads to flat spot in that area. In most cases, flat spots usually go away when a baby starts sitting up on its own. Following treatment u can do to make ur babys head fine: 1. Change the head position while your baby sleeps.Reposition your baby's head (from left to right, right to left) when your baby is sleeping on the back. 2. Hold your baby more often. 3. Practice tummy time.
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