8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello Dr. Mam.... Plzz suggest me that vegetables, fruits and nuts which I should not eat during my pregnancy 🤰..?? 🤔

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Answer: Hi,you should avoid papaya and pineapple.avoid brinjal. Arreatws drinks should also be avoided
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Question: What are the fruits and vegetables that should eat and that should not eat during early stages of pregnancy?
Answer: Hii U should not eat raw papaya, peach wood apple excess green tea, raw egg, barley, excess vitamin C, unpasteurized milk, pine apple ,aloe Vera,sesame seeds, litchi, smoked sea food , and sprouted potato .Prefer whole grains over white flour to help meet your fibre needs. Never eat fruits and vegetables without washing them as their skins may have traces of pesticides.Avoid unpasteurized or processed foods, junk food, herbal tea, caffeine and alcohol.Avoid white bread, white rice, sweets, sodas and deep-fried food as they can increase blood glucose levels.Do not eat raw or uncooked meat.Avoid eating leftover food that has been left sitting out for more than two hours.Do not use cheese made from unpasteurized milk as it may lead to premature delivery, miscarriage or stillbirth.Avoid sushi made with raw fish, as it runs the risk of carrying harmful parasites.
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Question: Which fruits and vegetables should I avoid during pregnancy
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy, it's a wonderful period but need to be a little bit cautious and careful. Till your first trimester please avoid papaya and pineapple. These are extreme heat causing fruits and hence strictly to be avoided. You can have ripe papaya from 5th month onwards. It's good for mother and the child. In case you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, please avoid mangoes, sapota, custard apple. Always remember to have one serving of fruits, if possible more, every day. Also include dry fruits, eggs, milk, green leafy vegetables in your diet. Limited your sweet intake and better to completely avoid cool drinks/carbonated drinks.
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Question: Which fruits and vegetables should I eat?
Answer: Hi , you can eat all season fruits and vegetables they all are good and healthy but just avoid papaya, pineapple and brinjal . Except this every food is healthy.
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