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Question: Hello Dr. I skipped my period and it's 9th day today. And I have virginal discharge like egg white,lil back pain,sleepy,tired and also lower abdomen cramp. So what's the reason? Is it pregnancy?

Answer: Hi Dr,,,, go for home pregnancy kit,,,, it will help u,,,, to find out ur pregnant or not,,,,
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Question: My last period @ 24 lil stomch pain and white discharge..wt vl b reason?
Answer: White discharge indicates infection contact gyaenecologist
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Question: I'm in 6week pregnancy. I feel sleepy for hole day. I'm getting very tired. And also i had back pain. What the reason for it
Answer: It is normal in first trimester . These problems are all gone away when u have entered in second trimester .so take rest and u have sever pain consult ur gyn .
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Question: My fertile period come one day bt 2 dy i have cramp and light red spot with White discharge it's symptom of getting period
Answer: Hi, yes it might be, or may not be, but first check for ur pregnancy if it's positive in case, it might happens smtyms during pregnancy nd than consult the Dr. as soon as psbl she 'll give u medicine to cure this and 'll be helpful in saving the pregnancy
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