28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello dr...I am 27'week.pregnant n I felled down during walking on my knees n I supported my self with both the hands rather I didnt fell any jerk in stomach or any other bad symptoms ....will it cause any serious affect to baby????

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Question: My baby fell down from 4 feet distance when we were sleeping. As of now I am not seeing any crying and injuries symptoms.. But I am little worried.. Will it affect my baby?
Answer: Hello dear If u see that baby is active enough after felling and also having proper breastfeeding or formula then u need not to worry. But if u see anything serious such as vomiting or blood, then immediately rush to hospital.
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Question: Hi. Im 9 weeks pregnant.. today i slipped my leg n fell down... Im so worried now... Does it cause any problem..? Please answer
Answer: You should visit your doctor as early as possible. And try to feel if your baby is moving for at least 10 times a day or not
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Question: Hi I'm 15 weeks pregnant...i slipped from d floor... N fell down on my knees n hands... Will it effect my baby.... Should I consult my doctor..?
Answer: Hi dear, wear baby is safe inside many layers n cushioned too. But getting once examined is also not an issue.
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