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Question: Hello Dr. I am shabnam & I am 32, I am planning for a child but I couldn't conceive from past 4 yrs. My hubby has low count problem. My last menses was on 7 Jan 2019. I dint got my menses yet but the test shows negative. Kindly guide me.

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Answer: Hi Shabnam! since you all have been trying for the last 4 years I am sure you have had a few tests for yourself as well as your husband well since you mentioned that your husband has a low motility counter problem then I am sure that he is under medication and it is being treated by doctors now if your last month period was on 7th of january and after that you haven't have your periods and the tests are coming negative at the same time it could be due to a medical issue so you have not mentioned any of your medical issues so I would request you to please talk to the gynecologist you all are Consulting for conception for this long and you can report to them at times and not sure when in fact you have check the pregnancy test it should be ideally after 6 to 7 days of missing period so if you are periods was on 7th of january You should have checked on the 14th or 15th of February if you have done that and it came negative then it is fine to talk to the doctor and if you have not checked it around 14th or 15th and checked well before that then please take a test once again to confirm if this is pregnancy.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Am married 5.5 yrs ago..but i dint not conceive yet..wen consulted doctor, said that the egg is not releasing n gave medication
Answer: Hii do consult some other doctor for the better treatment and also try to reduce ur weight as due to heavy weight also it gets difficult to conceive. Eat healthy and follow whatever doctor tells u to . Relying k. Single doctor if result is not showing , I think is not a good decision . Such problem. Cannot get cure with home remedy.
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Question: Hello doctor I ve hypothyroid problem I am planning to conceive since 2 yrs but not yet
Answer: with hypothyroid you need to start medicines and plan properly with regular menses as mentrual cycle also dysrupts with increased imbalance of thyroid i will only advise to regulate your diet and plan your diet with a nutritionist as you need to avoid certain foods such as cannage, cauliflower, brocoli, spinach etc make some changes in lifestyle try to be more active with yoga and meditation doing ujjayi and bhramri pranayam helps.
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Answer: If u want to conceive the baby first of all u hv to be very patient and stress free coz stress is the main culprit behind infertility and develop the habit of eating healthy and avoid junk food as much as u can.There are many solutions and medications don't loose hope. Take an appointment for the best Dr everything gonna b alright. The maximum number of chances to get pregnant is ovulation period is happen right after 10 days of ur lmp and lasts up to 5-6 days. Now a days there are many kinds of ovulation kit available in the market to know to better results u can try them and follow the steps written on it. Also u need to keep ur diet healthy and be stress free coz stress is the main reason of infertility. So all the best take care
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