15 weeks pregnant mother

Hello dr I am 15th week pregnent so what month for my pregnency plz answer

Ur in 4th month now
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    Susmita Dhara39 days ago

    Thank u

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Question: Hello I am 15th week pregnent my dr. Suggest rubella test what is this test and it is must be need plz answer
Answer: This test is done to check if any antibodies are growing which can effect the development of the baby...
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Question: Hello I am 15th week pregnent and can I eat radish radish spinach and also chenna answer plz
Answer: Yes dear U can have spinach in pregnancy. Spinach is an amazing source of Calcium.  Spinach is an oxalate food as well as a nitrate food which is very healthy to have in pregnancy.
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Question: Hi I am 15th week pregnent and I don saw my baby bump when saw baby bump plz answer
Answer: Dear you will start getting baby bump sowly if ur thin u will start getting small pouch .. so don't worry eat healthy and you will be able to see ur baby bump soon ...happy pregnancy phase
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