32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello dr how much time i should walk a day there is low lying placenta

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Answer: Do ask your doctor for the perfect time. Mine has been suggested 30 mins everyday having low lying placenta
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Question: In my report there is low lying placenta (fundal anterior grade 1) .should I walk or take rest?
Answer: Hi dear. did you have low lying placenta that means that your Placenta location is somewhere near the opening mouth of uterus with is a problematic situation. but if low lying placenta is detected in early pregnancy that means before 20 weeks then there a good chances that your Placenta will shift to upper position within few weeks . you are not supposed to do any kind of exercise or 20 brisk walk during the low lying placenta but normal walking is ok . you can do walking but don't work for long hours , also avoid travelling if you have low lying placenta . and you are not supposed to do intercourse in this situation . Hope this will help you
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Question: Hello dr says i have low lying placenta..plz say what should i do
Answer: Hi dear ,Actually This means the placenta has implanted low down in your uterus, close to your cervix.. There is absolutely no need to worry you can continue your normal daily activities, unless you have been advised otherwise. Restrictions – such as no sex, or lifting things . Don’t worry; there’s a very high chance that a low lying placenta will no longer be a problem when you have your third trimester scan. take care.
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Question: Im having a low lying placenta, should i walk at mrng nd evng??
Answer: Hello.dear it's better you can take bed rest withoit any bodily strain.. walking sometimes can cause pressure and also lead to bleeding. Bed rest will help in making the placenta fall into correct position.
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