20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello dr....aj raat meri tummy me half hour k liye dard hoya aur then chla gya is it ok or mujhe dr k paas jana chahiye?

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Answer: Hi ,fear ,it could be due to gas or it can also be round.lugament pain which happens on either side or both the sides if tummy.because of stretching of mucles and growing weight puts preassure There is nothing to worry. In case the pain is more ,you should consult your Dr
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Question: Hello,mera baby 2 and half month ka baby he,aur wo continue 5-6 hour sota he raat me...is it ok..
Answer: Hi. Han its completely fine. But do make sure to feed your baby as soon as he wake ups. Otherwise bbay woukd get dehyderated. At day make sure to feed in gap of 2-3 hours. But at night maintain 5 hour gap.
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Question: Meri wife 2 month pregnant hai, or uski kamar me dard rahta hai, Is dard k liye kya karna chahiye?
Answer: Back pain is often caused by pregnancy hormones relaxing your ligaments, the tough tissues that connect your joints. The weight you naturally gain and changes to your posture as your bump grows can add to the problem. You're most likely to feel pain in your lower back. But you may also feel discomfort in your upper back, shoulders, between your breasts, and in your ribcage. Sitting or standing in one position for a long time may make your back pain worse. If you exercise regularly, it's fine to continue, but listen to your body. Gentle exercise, such as walking and stretching, may relieve your stiffness and pain. But don't force yourself if you feel pain, as you could strain your ligaments further. Gentle massage can ease backache, but the effects tend to be temporary. To support your back and prevent pain, fold a thick towel lengthwise and place it perpendicular to your body at the point on your waist or you can use pregnancy pillow.
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Question: hello mam last night mere pain hua tha lower abdomen & backache .local dr k paas gye to pta chla k bby niche k side jayada ho gya tha is it common??
Answer: Hi, dear abhi apka 27 week chal raha hai so abhi aap complete bed rest Kare Taki baby aur neeche na aae Kyunki abhi delivery Mai baht time hai aur baby abhi mature nai hai. So aap sirf bed se washroom ya doctor ke pa's Jane ke lea hi uthe. Aur legs Ke Neeche pillow Rakhe. Ek baar apne doctor se bhi consult Jarur Kare..
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