27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello doctors....i have linea nigra over my tummy till my vagina...can i know what it is?

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Answer: Prior to line prior to pregnancy is light or pale line is called the linea alba (white line).  It runs from your navel to the pubic bone.  It darkens during pregnancy acquiring the name linea nigra (black line).
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Question: What is linea nigra
Answer: Hello dear it happens to the pregnant lady during pregnancy of 2 nd trimester when it happens due to harmonal disbalance. It is not necessary to happen to everyone.
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Question: Linea nigra indicates gender???? Mine covered all my tummy area....what does it mean?
Answer: It's just a myth it won't indicate the gender it generally covers all the tummy in most cases. Hope for healthy baby :)
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Question: What is Linea nigra?
Answer: Hi dear, is it a black line which generally appears in your belly which is verticle. And it cause no harm to u.
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