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Question: hello, doctors ask to feed baby after every 2 hrs, even if they are sleeping, but my newly born does not drink milk at all if he is not hungry and specially when he is sleeping, though I try to wake him up or forcefully feed but he does not. is it fine or shud I still try to wake my baby and feed him while he is sleeping

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Answer: Hello make sure u feed for 40 minutes. And the baby is 20 minutes on each breast. Feed the baby every 2 hours regardless of day or night or the baby s. You ll defiantly see the improvement in babies weight. Make sure u only breast feed don't use formula as breast milk increases the immune system and protects the baby from common problems like cough cold fever If this is not happening please consult ur lactation consultant.
Answer: Frequent feedings also will help stimulate your milk production during the first few weeks. By 1 to 2 months of age, a breastfed baby will probably nurse 7-9 times a day. Before your milk supply is established, breastfeeding should be "on demand" (when your baby is hungry), which is generally every 1½ to 3 hours.
Answer: Hello! It is important to keep on trying to feed your baby at every interval of 2 hours. Babies do react in this manner. But you need to keep trying as they are not aware of the hunger and feed thing. So, do wake your baby at every 2 hours to feed him.
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Question: My son is 14 days old and he wokes up every 4 or 5 hrs, but my doctor suggested to feed him every 3 hrs. Even if i stimulate his leg, ears etc he does not wake up. So please suggest what can be done to wake him up and feed him
Answer: Hi dear, as baby is small so every regular interval you must be feeding the baby and sometime it clash with baby's sleep time and its not recommended to feed nany while he/she is sleeping. here are the tips to keep baby awake during a feed: burp and switch breasts often change diaper half way through a feeding rub, massage or tickle feet, toes, hands and/or underarms stroke face talk or sing to baby stroke baby's spine or walk your fingers up baby's spine washcloth on face/neck blow gently into baby's face talk to baby remove his clothes, do skin to skin, or at least unsaddle sit baby upright since this is a hard position to fall asleep in place baby on a flat surface next to you without blankets etc. After baby lies there for 30 seconds or so he'll probably start to fuss and kick and be ready to eat again. This is one of my favorite techniques. It works really well, and it doesn't require much energy from a tired mom. bicycle baby's legs and arms feed baby in a light and noisy environment Crown Reflex- Dance your fingers on the crown of baby's head (firmly but not hard). This helps to lengthen feeds by keeping baby sucking and swallowing. Palmar Reflex- massage baby's palms in a circle with your thumbs. Do this for up to a minute if needed to help baby open his mouth and get ready to nurse.
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Question: My son is in starting of 4 months he is sleeping continously for 5 hrs.. Can I let him sleep or should I wake him and feed
Answer: Let him sleep as long as he wants.. if he is in hunger he will ask for it..Dnt disturb him.. more he sleep more he grows.. hope it helps
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Question: Hi,My Baby is 10 days.. He cries for feed in approx 3.5-4 hrs. However doctors ask to feed baby in 2-3 hrs. If i try 2 wake d baby in 2 -3grs for feed he doesn't generally take it.. N takes it atnd 3.5-4 hrs time. Is it fine for him to behave like that..?
Answer: 4 hours gap might be long for new bron, you need to continue to try feeding every 2-3 hours...
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