28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello doctors and mothers... Some people telling tat drinking hot water ll affect d baby.. Is tat true?? Bcos am often drink hot water only...

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Answer: Hello dear Drink warm water during pregnancy as it helps combat dehydration, fatigue and infections but don't drink too much hot water as it can cause burns in your mouth and throat but don't know that it will have ill effect on baby.
Answer: Nothing like tht.hot water is good for digestion too.keep it luke warm. But avoid when temp is too high
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Question: My son is 5months....sm people saying....on ths month baby ll poop loose motion...is tat true
Answer: No dear.. It depends on their body conditions my daughter did not have any problems like that...
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Question: Some people says dont drink lots of water after ceseran? Is it true?
Answer: It's absolutely rubbish. Unless and until you hydrate yourself you will not produce enough milk for your baby. Also you should drink plenty of water to clear your urinary tract in order to prevent any urinary infection. So pls drink atleast 3-4 litres of water per day. It's good for you and your baby. If you found this helpful please click the helpful button.
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Question: Am having cold throt itching,mild fever ,shivering from 3 days but am having drink only hot water ,now am 27th week pregnancy,any affect their in side the baby if hot water drinking
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy U can understand your anxiety. Hot water us very good for health,esoecually in pregnancy. It helps to keep constipation and gas formation away. It also helps to keep away from excess fat accumulation. It's safe to drink warm water. No side effects. Take care
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