36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello doctor,this is my second baby and i want to do tubectomy this time,doctor asked me to go for c section thus 2 operation wil done in one time ,can i go for csection and tubectomy at once

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Answer: If there is no reason for C-section other than wanting tubectomy in the same sitting, it done not make any sense at all. There are women who are willing to do anything to have a normal delivery.. and there is good reason for that. It's always better to avoid c-section if possible..it has its own complications. It's much easier and faster to recover from a normal delivery than cesarean. If your doctor is suggesting you to get c-section done just so that tubectomy can be done together, it's not justified at all. Tubectomy is a very simple procedure..u can get it done on opd basis..no need for admission also..and recover within no time.
Answer: Yes dear, it's normal and common to have these two operations at same time . My sister in law also did the same. It's easy way to get healing at one time . So don't worry and get that done..
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Question: When I go to c section main is first delivery is c section this one is second baby
Answer: the date will be fixed by ur doctors dear in ur next visit to hospital then u will get no.
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Question: Can we go for tubectomy and c section at the same time. Is it safe?
Answer: Hi dear Yes u can go for tubectomy with csection ..Almost all the doctors will suggest for tubectomy with csection if u r in 2 nd pregnancy.
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Question: Is it ok for both c section deliver and family planning operation done once at a time.
Answer: SHS file to do both the operations together on the same day. As you will be on antibiotics for you body will be healing both of them
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