35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello doctor this is my 34week running my doctor advised me to take ALAMIN M FORTE tablet she told me fetus growth 1week delay according my LMP plz help me what to do it is safe or not

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Answer: meri doctor ne bhi alamin m forte tablet diya hai sahi hai growth hoti hai
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    khushi bhargava923 days ago

    Thanku Apne kitne din liya or kitna tablet 1 or 2

Answer: shi bol rhi use kro mai v ki thi
Answer: .
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Question: Progesterone sustained release tablet sr 200. This tablet is advised to take by doctor can i take this tablet is this safe for my baby
Answer: hi dear your doctor prescribed you this medicine to protect your baby. Progesterone hormonal tablets are used in first trimester to prevent any chances of abortion or miscarriage. You should take the medicine as directed by your gynac.
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Question: Hi doctor, my 7 week is running. My gynae advised me to take susten 400 tablet through vagina. But it irritate me mentally to take the way she told me. Is it necessary or compulsory to take this medicine? Plz help i feel very irritating by thinking of this tablet
Answer: Yes the medication is important Do not think it of to be irritating as it is a supplemental hormone to help sustain your placenta as the placenta showing signs of distress and abruption such as bleeding, abdominal cramps with blood coming out of vagina or first usg indicated any problem with maintenance of normal placenta. Susten is important. Do not skip please.
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Question: Doctor advice to take alamin m forte tablet for baby growth is that good for increasing baby weight.
Answer: This drug is used to increase the blood flow to the uterus which further helps in the good growth of the baby. This medication have many essential elements which helps to overcomes pregnancy complications.
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