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Question: Hello doctor, Since I have planned for this month.. I have very bad cramps leg and back .. I will not get my periods rite ??? My date is on 23 and when can v check any pregnancy?

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Answer: Hello dear. It can only be confirmed if you miss your periods. So wait untill 7 days after missing your periods and then do the test with morning first urine to get accurate results. Hope it helps.
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Question: My last period was on sep 19.and usually my periods will be late by 10days.we planned for pregnancy last when can i check to confirm pregnancy.
Answer: Hi! If your LMP was Sep 19th, and according to you its usually late by 10 days which makes it 29th so you are suggested to take a test around 4/5 th of Nov to confirm your pregnancy. If two pink lines appear you are positive. Good luck!
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Question: I have a very bad leg pain and cramps.. Pl suggest something
Answer: Hello dear.. Aches and pain are common during pregnancy,it can also due to muscle cramps,it can also occur due to weakness,and if the growing uterus pushes sarcastic nerves,leg pain may occur.. To avoid leg pain and cramps ,have a nutrious diet with lot of fruits and vegetables,don't stand for long duration,make yourself hydrated,apply any pain relying ointment and bath with warm water,this may help a lot,try maternity yoga possess instructed by an instructor,will remove all your aches happens during pregnancy,if symptom presit for long period it is better to consult a doctor
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Question: I have very bad cramps in my calf muscles. Is there any home remedy for this?
Answer: Try appliying pain relief ointment and give hot pressure. Also sleep on left side and keep pillow in between the legs. It will reduce cramps
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