21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello.. Doctor said that I have more amniotic fluid. Try to reduce it. How to reduce amniotic fluid

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Answer: hi dear! so dear amniotic fluid is produced by the baby itself when it urinates inside . so there are certain medicines available like indomethacin that reduces the urine production in the baby dont worry it will do no harm to the baby . and do not take them unless your doctor provides you with the prescription. it should come under control with medicines only and if there is more fluid then drainage of some portion of the fluid is done , but its done when there is more risk . take care dear! i hope this information was helpful to you dear!
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    himalasha khan569 days ago

    Doctor prescribed obimet

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Question: I am having 9.9 cm amniotic fluid is it normal ? Becoz my doctor said amniotic fluid is less so she suggested me for c section
Answer: Dear actually amniotic fluid between 8-10 cm will considered as normal during late pregnancy.but better to follow your doctor instructions because she is the one who knows your condition from first.so not to worry about the type of delivery, just healthy baby important without any complications in this tight situations .take care and all the best dear
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Question: How to know that amniotic fluid is leaking
Answer: dear you will understand because this would be a very clear water like discharge and it can be a sudden of water but sometime it can also be in little amount. So please keep observing your body
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Question: In my scaning ..doctor said increased amount of amniotic fluid and more chances of breakage.. wat to do??
Answer: It's ok dear tou have already in your 36 week ot means your pregnancy is almost full term so in near future if water breaks also then nothing to worry. So you can wait till labour start .tc
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