5 months old baby

Question: Hello doctor.my son is four months and 22 days old.he doesn't poop regularly.he poops once or twice in a week.what shall I do

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Answer: Hi.. Breast fed babies can easily go for two weeks without a poopy diaper once they are two to three months old. Breast milk is exactly what your baby needs, and so there is a little waste product left for the baby to poop out. Do not worry, because breast fed babies never constipate. Still, if you want apply little asafoetida mixed in luke warm water on the tummy of your baby, it will give the toddler some comfort..
Answer: Hello dear It is normal if ur baby not lassed poop from last 2 days. It is normal with breastfeeding babies. Just check the wet diapers of baby. Breast milk gets easily digest and thers nothing left to poop out. Just mke sure u continue Breastfeeding ur baby at regular intervals is the only remedy.
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Question: My son is 14 days old.he does poops once in 1 to 2 days.so is it normal
Answer: Yes it's normal. New born babies need time to adjust to the stool routine. Breathing feed at regular intervals.
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Question: hello, my son is 3 months old. he takes breast milk plus formula milk. his poop color is green. he poops once in a day.. is it OK?
Answer: Mine was the same case. Doctor said not to worry about it.
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Question: Hi my baby is 10 months old. He poops once in three or four days. Is it normal?
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 10 months old dear the baby who takes solids should do poop daily .dear may be due to constipation he s not doing poop daily .giving him an additional 2-4 ounces (1/4-1/2 cup) of water after each feeding to help bowels flush properly. Prune juice has a natural laxative effect, but pear or apple juices also work well to relieve minor constipation. To avoid gassiness, start slowly with less than 2 ounces of juice after feedings.Bananas, rice cereal, carrots, and cheese are a mainstay of most infant diets--they also tend to have a binding effect on stool. Foods like apricots, pears, prunes, peaches, and plums are better choices to help avoid constipation. Sometimes making your baby’s body move will help get his bowels moving, too. Place your baby on his back in front of you. Lift up his legs and move them in a circular motion to mimic the motions of peddling a bicycle. .With your baby on her back, place your hand on her belly button. Using a clockwise motion, massage your baby’s tummy in ever bigger circles. Follow your baby’s cues as to how much pressure to use. If she fusses or cries, you’re pressing too hard.
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Question: Hello, my baby is 3 month and 12 days old. She poops once in a 4 or 5 days. Is it normal or should i consult a doctor?
Answer: If u r Exclusively breastfeeding her then poops in 3to 8 days is absolutely normal
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