6 weeks pregnant mother

Hello doctor.. my last period was on 27th October 10. I checked through pregnancy kit twice its came positive with faint lines both the time.. my betaHCG report shows 133ml unit.. doctor says its not a normal pregnancy but an early pregnancy. I have hypothyroidism. I m worried.. wat shall i do?. I m 30years old

I hope you are pregnant.To confirm whether you are pregnant or not you can go for a ultrasound scan.It will confirm it.I didnt understand why ur doctor told it is not a normal pregnancy.During early pregnancy or when ur gestation period is 4 to 5 weeks urine pregnancy test may show only faint lines as hcg hormone level will be less in such an early stage.If u have hypothyroidism u should go for treatment by having thyronorm tablets.Plz consult an endocrinologist apart from ur gynecologist.He will guide you with the right dose.Requirement of thyroid increases during pregnancy .Lack of it might affect the mental health of babies etc.Consult an endocrinologist to get the right dose.
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    Nitika Sharma38 days ago

    Thanx a lot dear maam.. i will be going for an ultrasound this week.. already consulted an endocrinologist and she has recommended me 62.5 mg thyronorm tablet daily.. hopefully i will have everything fine in the ultrasound.. thanx for your guidance again

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