3 years old baby

Question: Hello doctor! My friend's daughter has type 1 sugar, please tell me about it. Is it common in babies? Is this curable? Whom should she consult?

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Answer: Hi dear!! During Type 1 diabetes, the insulin in children stops to develop, insulin in small children controls the level of glucose in the blood. With the help of modern techniques developed and insulin therapy, small children can also control their disease. This is not permanently curable but controlling at the right time with proper treatment and diet can make things easy for the baby. Your friend has not contacted any endocrinologist yet? They should go to them as soon as possible so that they can understand about it better.
Answer: Your friend needs to visit a diabetlogist who specializes in treating type1 diabetes she will be put on insulin and type 1 diabetes is not curable my niece also has it it cant cured but can be kept in control with good diet and lifestyle I think your friend should see an endocrinologist/diabietolgist as soon as possible.
Answer: Dear this disease is common in children so not to worry...u should consult a child specialist .....
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    What is its symptoms?

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