27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello doctor my 5year daughter snore I'm really worried for this should i consult with doctor please help me.

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Answer: Obviously you should consult with doctor, snoring is occured due to some physical problem, & your baby is only 5yrs.please consult with doctor so early.
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Question: Yesterday my daughter did green poop is this normal or should consult with doctor?
Answer: Hi dear Green colour stools can be due to firmula milk,cough or cold, or due to imbalance if foremilk and hind milk. Check the consistency of the stool, if it is normal then nothing to worry. But if the stools are watery, frothy or foul smelling then consult your doctor.
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Question: Hello doctor. I'm 32weeks pregnant. I'm feeling severe itching on my belly region. Can u please help me with some remedies??!! May I know the causes for itching??!!!
Answer: As ur belly grows bigger itching s common. Apply some oil and have a warm water bath in your belly region before u go to bed. Don rub. It may damage ur skin
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Question: I'm 12th week pregnant nd I'm shuffering with regular headache is this normal in pregnancy or I should consult to my doctor plz ans me
Answer: Hello dear.. Headache is normal, it happen due to harmonal changes, increase in volume of blood, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Have a nutritious diet Have good sleep Don't get stressed, be relaxed Drink more water Practice pranayama
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Question: I'm having 98 degree F temp I'm in 13 th week of my pregnancy, with cold. Will it harm my baby? Or should I visit doctor? Really worried
Answer: Hi dear, you have no fever, temperature is normal, I can understand, due to cold you are not feeling good. always take medicine precribed by by your doctor. keep your head elevated on your pillow while resting, or use nasal strips, drink warm tea, or gargle with warm salt water. Mix honey, ginger juice and apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and take it. It will help to cure cold, cough and sore throat. Homemade lemonade, herbal teas, and special electrolyte drink with warm water are all fantastic to keep you hydrated. Stay away from caffeine as this can further dehydrate you.. Heat cloves of garlic in mustard oil n apply on chest n foot. switch on steamer n leave it for few minutes and sleep in a room with fumes .....take warm water and warm food. Eating foods rich in vitamin C, like oranges, may help naturally boost your immune system.
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