Question: Hello baby is on formula milk since he is 6 and half month..our doctor still recommended lactogen level 2 instead of cows baby was ok with 4 ounces milk every 3 hrs few days back .He fell ill for few days after recovering illness suddenly he wants more milk,he now dont settle with 6 ounces every 2.5-3hrs.he want more n more..Is it normal or i should b concerned..?

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Answer: After 6 months the level changes. A growing baby has growing demands. Feed him as much he wants. And cow milk should be avoided in the first year.
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Answer: Hi Dear! Its normal fr babies when they r unwell they always want to be with their Mums and dont worry he wil be fine soon pls give him the attention and warmth he needs at this time and it wont affect ur current pregnancy.. Hope this helps!
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