4 months old baby

Question: Hello doctor my baby is complete his 4th month. Can I start giving him ragi malt?

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Answer: Dear, you can give your baby ragi malt after six month before completing six months you can only give your baby your breast milk.
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Question: Hi my baby boy 5 mnths 20 days running can i start him with giving ragi malt and how to make d ragi malt plz explain
Answer: Dear, you can start grains in 7 month. From 6 month, you can give vegetables soup and fruit puree. Don't give anything noe expect milk.
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Question: Hi, my baby is about to complete 4. Now i can start ragi malt?
Answer: Six full months only breast milk unless they feel hungry or doctor suggests Later start banana boiled carrot boiled potato Cereal It's better to give home made cereal as it does not have preservatives Dry fruits can be slowly started You take good food and supplements so they go to her in bm Give her good oil massage and bath It helps her relax well take feed sleep well Sleep activity and bm are the only things she has at this stage Leave her down so she plays increasing hunger
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Question: My baby is complete 6 months I give him to ragi malt only 5 spoon next day he has motion doctor give sporlac I give to baby still not controlling motion what to do I stop giving ragi malt?
Answer: Dear actually Ragi is completely new food for baby's digestion and whenever you start new food for baby it can cause Loose Motion because baby's digestion needs time to adjust with the change . So don't worry don't give anything to eat to baby till his loose motions are fine except breast milk or formula milk. and after that start with liquid diet first like rice water, dal water and then gradually start some semi solid food. Also give only 4-5 spoons and then gradually increase the quantity also..
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Question: Can i start giving ragi malt to my baby as she is 5 month 10 days baby
Answer: Hie Please breast feed your baby exclusively for the first 6 months not only is your breast milk easy to digest but contains essential nutrients, fats and antibodies which will help baby to grow , develop and fight illness if any Your babys digestive system is immature at 3 months he might not be able to digest any thing  other than breast milk hence would suggest wait untill your baby turns 6 months 
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