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Question: Hello doctor My baby girl is now 7 months old. I have to know that when I can start giving her cow's milk? Her weight is just 7kg, that's her weight from past few months. When can I stop giving her puree food and start giving mashed meals?

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Answer: Hey dr..how much weight did your baby had at time of birth? If it was between 2.5 to 2.7, then it is fine to have 7 kg weight for 7-month-old child. You can ask you dr. to know the growth chart . If your child is not gaining weight then her height will be definitely increasing. Do not give her cow's milk before 1 year. Now you start giving your child the mashed meal. As soon as your child grows, you should thicken (turn soild) her food, as well. Whichever fruits, vegetables that suit you, will also suit your child.. Take care
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    Mahi Ptl123 days ago

    My baby girl is 7 month old.. she not gaining weight bt her height is increasing. Her wt is. Only 5 kg. Last 2 month mnth not gaining wt.. why it happens? I m so worried plz suggest...

Answer: My baby is not eating food properly since 2 days.. She is having my milk but not fm and solids, today she has eaten banana but very less in quantity,wheneever I try to eat forcefully she cries a lot, what should I do??
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Answer: Hi, give exclusive Breastfeeding your baby till 6 months of age. After 6 months of age you can start with dal rice, moong dal puree, rice water, spinach and dal mash, tomato soup, Apple puree, boiled mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, add 1 item every 3rd day, give 2-3 serves in a day time and continue Breastfeed as a main source of food till 9 months of age. Take care.
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