7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello doctor.. morning when i woke up i feel very dry from my lips to throat may i know y

Answer: Its due to dehydration.plz drinks lots of water and liquid foods. Hope this is helpful
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Question: my throat feels very dry ...night time I need to get up due to dry throat
Answer: Hello dear this is normal due to the change of hormones especially in pregnancy.. Soothe a dry throat by drinking mild, herbal teas. Also lemon and honey which naturally give relief in cough and dry throat, you shoukd drink plenty of water around 3-4 litres.. Getting enough liquids will also reduce the feeling of a dry throat. Avoid caffeine and mouthwashes that contain alcohol because both are drying, Sleeping on. Left side will have the benefit
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Question: i do not feel like pregnant when i woke up in the morning
Answer: If you are pregnant but not feeling any symptom no need to worry. The reality is that all women respond to pregnancy differently. Some women feel pregnancy symptoms in their 1st trimester while some feel from 2nd trimester. On the other hand if your pregnancy has confirmed by a doctor and you are still not having symptoms, i will like to say that you are lucky because pregnancy symptoms give you trouble. At last don't worry about symptoms enjoy your precious time.
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Question: 34week pregnant I feel pain in my virgina when I woke up from bed and feel pain in back
Answer: hi dear this is common as muscles stretch take rest in back u can apply muscle relaxants.
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